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Business Consulting

When you organize a company in Germany, you should be aware that this event is not an indisputable reason for the authorities to provide you with a residence permit.

According to the changes that were introduced in August 2012 in the "Residence Law," now there is no number which defines the investments or the minimum quantity for the jobs. Today you determine how big of the investment your German company will be.

Requirements for Investors

  • the benefits the investments will bring to the country in general or to a particular region

  • the positive economic activity of the company

  • independent financing of investments

  • Investor's experience in the industry that he plans to develop in Germany, this can be proven by university diploma and working record.

Undoubtedly, the most straightforward, safest, and most convenient option is to transfer a business that already works in your country or to establish a subsidiary in Germany.

A businessman who once created a company knows perfectly well that a transfer of a business to another country is a rather risky step. And having gained a decent experience in such operations, we propose to first organize a subdivision of its already existing business structure in Germany.

After that, investors usually buy real estate, transport families, find good schools and universities for children, while they continue to do business in their homeland. Thus, realizing several goals at once:

  • registered German company reserves an option for the investor's financial assets;

  • members of the investor's family and he receives a residence permit, and accordingly, the right to use local infrastructure (medicine, education, etc.)

  • the investor has the opportunity to choose which of the businesses to pay more attention to, and where to spend most of the time.

Thanks to this scheme, you maintain a close relationship with the country from where you are from, you gain additional income from the created unit, and you have the opportunity to move to Germany forever.

Optimal Strategy for Business Immigration

The investor we are looking forward to work with is a person who is used to thinking strategically and who understands that his future and the future of his family has better opportunities in Germany. He believes that they must live, study and work abroad, where all conditions - both life, social, and universal - are incomparable with the eastern countries.

Taking this into account everything said above we do not use standard options, and to develop and implement an optimal business plan, we approach each case individually. At the same time we study all the factors that can influence the result, such as previous professional experience, education, and investor's views on the planned scope of activity.

We believe that only through a comprehensive study of personal factors, the assessment of the location of the company's creation from the perspective of the economic demand for a planned business activity in one or another region of Germany, can we take into account all possible risks at the planning stage and confidently talk about the positive results of the services we provide.