Blue Card - Benefits

  • there is no need to confirm the level of German for the applicant, his/her spouse and underaged children

  • the spouse of the applicant can become employed immediately after the arrival in Germany

  • to receive a permanent residence in Germany, the payout to the pension system should be a total of 21 months, and not 60 as it is in the case of the working permit visa

  • the owner of the Blue Card has the right to apply for the permanent residence after 21 months of having the Blue Card

  • the Blue Card gives its owner the right to travel within the EU territory without any limitations

  • the owner of the Blue Card has the right to move in any other EU country without any additional paperwork if that person has been staying in Germany for 18 months

  • after receiving the permanent residence the person who used to have a Blue Card before can stay outside of the EU up to 24 months without running the risk of losing the permanent residency


The Blue Card can be given to foreign citizens from the non-EU countries in the following cases:

  • if one has a German university degree or a foreign university degree

  • when the foreign diploma is approved, and working experience of more than 5 years in the field, which one is planning to work in after moving to Germany

  • if one has a working contract in Germany with an annual salary of 55.200,00 Euro Brutto. In the case when the foreigner has the qualifications which are highly demanded in Germany, the salary must be more than 43,056.00 Euro Brutto.