About Germany

Germany is a stable and safe country. We have 11 arguments to prove you so.

Stable economy,  fixed and trustworthy banking system for investors, social security,impressive history entrepreneurship - all of this can be your Germany.

Social, economical and political situations in Germany gives an opportunity to lead a business in safe conditions and invest money with no risks. Made in Germany is the well-known brand, which guarantees quality.



From the economical point of view, Germany is the leading European country. Germany is in the top five most powerful economies in the World, and takes a leading position in exports, which exceeds any export from the Anglo-Saxony region. Due to these facts, opening a business in Germany means to become a part of the strong German economy.



Germany has one of the most developed infrastructures in the World (transportation, logistic and telecommunication). The quality of the roads, harbors and railways are on the top level. The same applies to the communicational infrastructures and power supplies.

System of harbors connects more than 250 harbors. Highways systems has the highest density in Europe. Railroad system of Germany with the length longer than 37 900 kilometers and trains speed of which reaches 300 kilometers per hours, is the fourth biggest one in the World. 23 of German airports have the international status. Frankfurt is the seventh biggest center in the World for logistics and the ninth in transportation of passengers.



Germany has a great geographical location, any place in Europe is very fast to reach. By plain, train or car it is fast and easy to get to any other European country.

Quality of Life


The quality of living is top and needs no other characteristics. This is exactly why a lot of people aim to stay in Germany as a permanent residents, who want to significantly increase their life quality.



Germany has a stable political system, because of that all the investments here have minimum risks and are very safe to make. For the past 60 years, this country didn't experience any significant political crises, which could have lead to a negative growth of the German economy.



Stable legislation - the German right on property ownership is indisputable and is one of the basis of the German law. Based on the study made by World Economic Forum, Germany is one of the most stable countries in the "unbiased justice system" category.

Social Security


Germany is one of the most social secured countries. Payment benefits, compensations, subsidies on building houses, free education and health centers is the care the government provides for the people.

Health System


Germany is famous for its health system. Professional approach and care made Germany the leading country in the medical services field. Based on the statistics the expenses carried out by the government to cover the health expenses for one person is three thousand Euro, which is the highest number in Europe.



Germany has the best education. The majority of schools and universities here are tuition free. Despite of that fact, the educational level, the lecturers and the methodics corresponds to the highest standards of education. It is due to these facts Germany continues to be technologically developed country.

Crime Rates


Germany is a safe country with a very low crime rate. After the law of the documentation was implemented in 1993, 55% of crimes are solved, and generally the crime rate is lower. At any place you can find yourself safe.



Germany is one of the most greenest countries. Foreigners might find the recycling rules to be too extreme (for instance the green glass and the brown glass should be recycled differently) but people living here get used to this really fast.