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For more than 25 years Stefan von Wrangel's Law Office provides consulting services in the fields of investments and immigration to Germany

We have picked Berlin as a place to locate as it is the most accessible city in Germany for our customers. This really helps to control your investments or to travel freely from one country to another.

We consult and accompany our clients in the process of getting a temporary or permanent residency. We also help people who have been trying to get the residency by themselves and were denied with their application..

Our clients receive the best quality product since we have an international team working in the company who are well equipped with the legislation knowledge and the mentality of people in Germany, we speak German, English, Arabic and Russian.

We create, consult and accompany companies on the basis of the following philosophy:

We support our clients to become successful. We analyze, concentrate and expand our clients.

We consult and accompany our clients in the process of getting a temporary or permanent residency. Unlike many others, we have a strategic focus.

The priorities for developing the business of our clients should be the focus on differentiated systems which create high barriers to entry in the chosen markets of the client.

Leverage world-leading technology and customer service excellence should drive the growing market shares, capture long-term aftermarket value and deliver profitable growth.

Our clients should invest in and develop the excellence of their best products to produce a high-performance product.

Our clients should have operational excellence by transforming their manufacturing and supply chain to embed a lean approach across their facilities and processes.

Or clients should capture the aftermarket value. This means they should concentrate on leveraging their installed base, product knowledge and capabilities to provide outstanding services to their customers.

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